3D Stereoscopic

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Creative & Technical Process

Ok, we've only worked on two projects so far but we believe we managed to pull it off quite successfully. It is a medium that has intrigued us for a very long time and as the production genre becomes more and more mainstream, we increasingly are seeing projects of this nature coming our way to be used in different places such as museums, small cinemas and documentaries.

So, if you are Museum Experience Architect, a Documentary Producer, Film Maker or an Entertainment Designer than speak with us irrespective of the tasks that you may need. We're happy to assist even on the smallest of jobs or the more complex ones if need be

  • - Concept Creation
  • - Storyboarding
  • - Direction
  • - 3D Modeling
  • - VFX
  • - Filming
  • - Camera Tracking
  • - UV Mapping
  • - Texturing
  • - Rigging
  • - Lighting
  • - Animation
  • - Stereo Camera
  • - Stereo Rendering
  • - Stereo Compositing
  • - Stereo Coloring
  • - Stereo Editing
  • - Voice Recording

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